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How does ShaoLin Qi-Gong work?

The Qi-Gong energy healing method has an unbroken clinical record of over 6000 years in Chinese medicine. The vast population of China has used this healing method extensively in the past and continues to do so to this day.

The true practise of traditional Qi-Gong in its various forms however is still largely unknown and generally misunderstood and this ignorance has led to a fine healing art being regarded as simply superstitious practice. Qi-Gong, to the trained practionner, apart from its health and martial value, is a very effective self-healing therapy.

This unusual ancient Chinese healing art is based on the premise that the 'medicines' which one takes are only "stimuli", and are not in themselves healing agents. As these stimuli enter into our blood stream, they trigger chemical reactions which continue to boost the WaiQi defensive energy of our immune system. Subsequently, the patient's rate of metabolism increases many fold to counter and repair the illness or affliction which has unbalanced our Ying Yang life force.

Eventually our bodies and minds can be 'stimulated' until a 'healthy' balance is once more re-gained.

It is not just the efforts of doctors and healers or the 'work' of medicines which cure illnesses but also the efforts of the patient's own WaiQi defensive energy, a healing agent, that restores patients back to a healthy condition.

The unusual ShaoLin Qi-Gong energy healing method is based on this concept. Qi-Gong energy, whether it be heavenly, earthly or human is the "stimulus" which is used in the healing process.

How to capture and direct such vital and powerful Qi-Gong energy which is able to trigger one's Master glands to release more hormones and to boost one's metabolism is therefore the main subject of a ShaoLin Qi-Gong healer's study.

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